Read what Contractors and Craftsmen are saying about working with Grus.

“If not for the hardworking GRUS hands we would not have completed on time. We went from zero to hero! Thank you!”

Contractor - Pipe Welders, Ironworkers, Pipefitters - Michigan

“I don’t like to work for any other outfit! When I go on the road, I only trust Grus”

Craftsman - HVAC Installer - Kentucky

“I’m very happy with the guys you sent, very hard and steady workers! I’ll be sure to use you for future projects.”

Contractor - Electricians - Pennsylvania and Massachusetts

”It’s hard to maintain permanent employee status for workers so being able to call you and staff up quick with quality hands has been an excellent experience and we’re excited to expand on our business model. Our overall impression was the quality and caliber of personnel far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to the next project.”

Contractor - Plumbers - Idaho

“We are very happy with what we are seeing, we tossed the ball up for Grus to hit it and you are hitting out of the park!”

Contractor - Electricians - Oklahoma

“Grus is the best temp service we’ve ever used!”

Contractor - HVAC Installers and Plumbers - Tennessee

“The guys you sent are doing us a fantastic job. The job foreman is really happy with their work and performance.”

Contractor - Structural Welders - Oklahoma

“I really appreciate the assistance Grus provided in recruiting and providing us some extra help for this job.  Each of the electricians provided was a great help in finishing this job on schedule.  My foreman was particularly impressed with the electricians you sent. “

Contractor - Electricians - California

“I am very happy with the Installer. His work ethic and knowledge is fantastic and he is a great guy! We’re very pleased with our service!”

Contractor - HVAC Installers - Pennsylvania

” It has been a fun ride, and looking forward to growing our business more over the coming years.  Thank you for all your help.  Makes things a lot easier when you can easily find good employee’s (thanks to you)”

Contractor - Carpenters - Florida

“Grus always offers the best jobs and top pay rates!”

Craftsman - Crane Operator

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that the guys we’ve got from you so far are doing great. The Foremen have been really happy with the guy thus far. Thanks!

Contractor - Plumbers - South Dakota

“I would like to add that this is one of the finest personnel companies I've worked for. Top notch performance from everyone I have interacted with. Everyone at Grus should be rewarded for their efforts. My hat is off to you all!”

Craftsman - HVAC Installer

“Your guys that you sent are great, fantastic attitudes and work ethic! My experience with temporary electricians before has never been good, you usually get very poor quality work and productions and you have really changed my mind on using a staffing company!”

Contractor - Electricians - California

“All of the guys mentioned in this list are good pipefitters and welders, and very dependable workers.  They were the last ones left on the job for a reason.  We found that all of the welders, not just the last ones here, did excellent welds and had no problem with any X-rays or tests we put in front of them. Thank you for your help in manning our project. My experience with Grus was a positive one; the workers you supplied were at a higher level than what we typically receive from other temp agencies. I work with a couple of other temp agencies, who mostly supply plumbers to use. It was nice to get qualified pipefitters who know the trade and can achieve the high standard required of us.”

Contractor - Pipefitters, Pipe and Structural Welders - Michigan

“We are impressed with the knowledge and work ethic of the electricians you’ve supplied.”

Contractor - Electricians - Colorado

“Good to work for, work hard to keep you close to home. They offer payroll advances to help you settle in when on the road”

Craftsman - Electrician

“They did a wonderful job.  Really appreciate them hanging in there with us.  It was great working with your company. “

Contractor - Millwrights - Arkansas

“I am very pleased with the operators you have supplied; they show up on time, have the right attitude and are willing to do whatever asked of them.”

Contractor - Crane Operators - Arkansas

“We cannot thank you enough for providing us with the help that we needed on such short notice.  Our Field Superintendent said that they did a great job and was impressed with their work.”

Contractor - Pipe Welders - Maryland

“We’ve been very impressed with the personnel you’ve sent, they were just amazing! You must do a great and thorough job recruiting. When we need the extra help, you’ll be our first stop!”

Contractor - HVAC Installers - Virginia

“I just want to let you know we are very happy with the ironworkers you have sent us. They definitely came to work! We had a pretty hard rain all day Monday, when the foreman brought up quitting for the day a couple of them said “we work in the rain” bottom line, one guy went home, not one of yours, and we had a productive day. We already have three of your guys in crew leader positions and I am seeing some of the best weld test coupons I have ever seen from your welders. Thanks for the fine job of screening applicants!”

Contractor - Ironworkers & Pipe Welders - Michigan

“I’ve been exceptionally happy with all the guys that have been sent, that is seldom the case from any where else we’ve received temp help!”

Contractor - Plumbers/ Mechanical Pipefitters - Ohio

“I sincerely appreciate all the support the GRUS team members provided us over the last few months. When the time comes that we need temporary services again GRUS will definitely be at the top of our list!”

Contractor - Electricians - Texas

“My compliments to you, I’ve worked with quite a lot of staffing companies before and they’ve never been as thorough in the interview process as you have been.”

Craftsman - Instrumentation Technician

“We never had a complaint about the temp help! You have been great to work with.”

Contractor - HVAC Installers/ Plumbers - Vermont

“Your employee had a more professional appearance and attitude than our own employees, we’re impressed!”

Contractor - Pipefitter - New Hampshire

“I am very thankful for how organized Grus is; no one else has been on the ball like this”

Craftsman - Pipefitter

“You will be my first call when I need Electricians, you all are awesome!”

Contractor - Electricians - California

"We loved the service we were provided! The skill set was a perfect match and as soon as we have another need, you will be our first call!"

Contractor - HVAC Installers - Florida

“You always send skilled hands!”

Contractor - Electricians - Nebraska

“Grus Construction Personnel gave me the chance to be creative, to be challenged and to make a difference. Grus is just such a good company to work for.”

Craftsman - Plumber

“The operators you sent are so good I’ve already offered them permanent positions. They work all the hours and know their stuff.”

Contractor - Crane Operators - Texas

“I really appreciate the job, the second day on your job I received a Superintendent job offer that was offering $5 less an hour that what you’re paying me. You always have the best pay!”

Craftsman - Electrician - Electrician

“We are very pleased with the personnel we’ve received, they have been very professional and all have had the skill set we were looking for.”

Contractor - Electricians - Oklahoma